A key lawmaker in Washington is pressing the FDA to make specific plans to improve food safety and detect contamination, stressing that the agency’s current proposals don’t sound like real change. 

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that manufacturers should be in charge of preventing products that cause personal injury and pain and suffering from reaching the general public.  Product liability can cause wrongful death if someone suffers bad enough food poisoning.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., told the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acting Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein that their current state of detection is unsafe and should be changed.

“A real change, a real change from the past would be a plan on food safety that identified the foods at greatest risk,” DeLauro said. She also called for new performance standards, sampling to detect contamination and requirements for industry to report when problems were found.

Sharfstein said he agreed with her goals and presented a 2010 budget proposal calling for a big funding increase and new industry user fees to pay for more food safety inspections.  President Barack Obama has appointed a Food Safety Working Group that’s now meeting, and Sharfstein told reporters during a break in the hearing that its proposals, expected soon, would answer many of DeLauro’s demands.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe it is important that a thorough inspection of a product should be done before it is given to consumers. Too often, defective food or materials slip through the cracks and lead to personal injury and require consumers to seek medical treatment for their pain and suffering.

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