In 2004, 13 million pounds of almonds were recalled from a farm in California.  Back in February, a massive peanut recall took place at a plant in Atlanta, and recalls continue to occur.  In the third week of April, a recall of about three million pounds of pistachios could create more products liability claims.

A new plan from the California State Committee on Food and Agriculture aims to limit the amount of recalls that do not harm consumers as well as give California the ability to hand out stiffer punishments.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers enjoy hearing about this new legislation because it makes consumers aware of hazardous products and have harsher penalties when a consumer must seek out medical treatment due to a complication with products liability.  The new proposed legislation is a result of the latest recall of pistachios processed by Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, California, the company responsible for 20% of California’s annual 300-million-pound pistachio harvest.

The chair of the California State Senate Committee on Food and Agriculture has written a proposed law that we products liability attorneys believe should prevent many unnecessary wrongful death claims accomplish three things:

1. A processor or grower must immediately notify the state of any private testing that reveals a tainted food product.

2. If a processor does not do its own testing and a recall happens, an automatic six month shut down of the plant would occur.

3. California would have the power of mandatory recall in the event of a food processor is not doing what it should.

Moreover, our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys view as a great proposal by the State Senator, who is running for California’s Lieutenant Governor for 2010 , a proposed law that at a grocery store that would scanning for defective food that would lead up to a products liability claim by stopping a consumer from getting  bad food at the grocery store.

The new proposal from the California State Senate Committee should be seen as a step in the right direction.  Our products liability attorneys know that any companies can be held responsible in products liability lawsuits if their products cause pain and suffering of innocent consumers.

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