Size and weight greatly affect the amount of damage done during an automobile crash.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a report on a study which conducted three head on collisions between mid-size and mini models to prove how the smaller cars do not provide as much safety during car accidents.

Our car accident attorneys know that head-on collisions are some of the worst type of auto accidents that can occur. For years we have seen personal injury cases and fatal car accidents that have been caused from cars being too small and weighing too little.

“If automakers downsize cars so their fleets use less fuel, occupant safety will be compromised,” said the president of the Institute.  The decision to pair mini cars with mid-size ones from the same manufacturer reveals how much impact some extra size and weight can have on smaller models during car accidents.

The Honda Fit, Smart Fortwo, and Toyota Yaris are all poor performers in the frontal collisions with mid-size cars. In car accidents between mid-size autos and mini autos, the heavier models will push lighter ones with more force. Greater force means greater risk, so the chances of personal injury go up for the passengers in the smaller car.

Here are the results of the Institute’s test:

1. Honda Accord versus The Honda Fit

The Accord proved to hold up well in car accidents and except for one injury measured on a dummy, it was proven to be very safe. The Fit, on the other hand, inflicted personal injury on the dummy’s legs and its head collided with the steering wheel through the airbag. The overall rating in head on collisions for the Fit was “poor” while the Accord earned “good.”

2. Mercedes C class versus Smart Fortwo

The Smart car went flying into the air and spun around 450 degrees after hitting the front of the C class in a head on car accident. The crash dummy’s head and legs were also severely injured in the crash, while the C class had little to no intrusion into the occupant compartment and any measure of personal injury was in the range of “good.”

3. Toyota Camry versus Yaris

While the Camry did not perform as well as the other mid-size cars in the test, it did not have as much intrusion into the occupant compartment as the Yaris did. The doors on the mini model were torn away and while cars had their dummies strike their heads on the steering wheel, the Yaris level of personal injury was rated as “poor.” Like the Fit and Smart, the overall rating of the Yaris was very low, while the Camry was just “acceptable.”

As car accident attorneys, we neither condemn nor condone the use of smaller cars. They can be effective methods of transportation, but not always, as this car accident test proved.  We encourage you to research all models of cars before deciding to buy one.

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