There were many objections by lawyers involved in the Chrysler LLC bankruptcy case.  Chrysler wants to close this case so a merger with Fiat SpA can take place.  Objections were made on behalf of consumers who may have their product liability lawsuits wiped out.

Some of the latest bankruptcy court filings submitted in New York came from groups such as people with pensions who are worried that they will not be taken care of if a personal injury occurred while they were working causing permanent damage.  Another group of lawyers are concerned that the bankruptcy will eliminate products liability lawsuits for which injured people are entitled to have their day in court and compensation.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego know there are products sold to consumers every day that have the possibility of product liability that can lead to personal injury or wrongful death.  Small toys can have tiny parts that children can choke on, and bigger products like cars, for example, contain many moving parts that can cause car accidents if not assembled correctly.

The Chrysler Corporation wants to sell what is seen as good assets to a new Chrysler-Fiat company.  Bad assets can remain in court for years and not be completely paid off.  Product liability settlements can be seen as bad assets, but for the people that need these settlements to pay medical bills, the removal of those settlements can make life more difficult because of personal injury leaving permanent damage.

Imagine being in a car accident in a Chrysler vehicle, and a person involved in a car accident may not even been able to find a comfortable sleeping position or sleep at night.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at our firm ask you if you’d want someone to be held responsible for your personal injury from the car accident?  If a car accident results in permanent personal injury, hiring an experienced product liability attorney can help you receive a settlement to pay for your past, present and future medical bills, injuries as well as pain and suffering.

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