Google, the internet giant that’s become much more than a mere search engine, has invented the self-driving car. Not only has Google tested the vehicle in California, but the popular search engine company is now lobbying for legalizing the self-driving car in Nevada.

Google has said the vehicles will prove to be safer for our roads, possibly reducing the risk of car accidents and even personal injury. The self-driving vehicles are aimed to be fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe. As safety advocates to the San Diego area, we’re all for safer cars and reduced risk of injury.

How does the self-driving car work?

The vehicle prototype uses laser-range finders to precept traffic to navigate through public roadways. Using video cameras to navigate through busier streets ensures the vehicle’s “bubble” of safety.

“We have developed technology for cars that can drive themselves. We think this is a first in robotics research.” said Google in a statement. “This is all made possible by Google’s data centers, which can process the enormous amounts of information gathered by our cars when mapping their terrain.”

Last year, the self-driving prototype traveled across 140,000 miles in California without any notable hiccups. Google’s proprietary technology installed in Toyota Priuses proved to be relatively safe in the controlled study. The vehicle traveled from Mountain View to Santa Monica without any noted problems. It even performed well on San Francisco’s Lombard Street – one of the curviest downgraded streets in the world.

Google insists their technology is aimed to reduce car accidents and aid in relieving traffic problems. All drivers need to do is program the vehicle to its destination, similar to what drivers do today in many GPS units already installed in the vehicle.

Now, Google is bringing the technology to Nevada, where lobbyists are looking for legalization of the new car technology. Google is also seeking an exemption from the current law that disallows texting in a car (since a driver will not technically be distracted if texting in a self-assisted vehicle).

In addition, the self-driving cars will drive the speed limit, disallowing otherwise dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

‘Safety has been our first priority in this project. Our cars are never unmanned.

“We always have a trained safety driver behind the wheel who can take over as easily as one disengages cruise control.” said Google’s lead engineer of the project.

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