The captain of the Continental Connection commuter plane that crashed near Buffalo failed several flight simulator tests and had not received training on a key safety system prior to the fatal accident, a scenario that makes you wonder how well teen drivers are getting trained so that they can avoid getting into car accidents when they are on the road.

Our highly experienced automobile accident attorneys know that teen drivers are more at risk for causing car accidents simply because they do not have a history of being on the road.  If the car crash does not turn into a fatal automobile accident, how would a teenage driver be expected to pay the medical bills, lost wages, and property damage that comes with an auto accident?

The 2009 February crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 in upstate New York appears to have revealed at least two serious shortcomings in airline safety:

1. The airline company did not follow federal law, where they must ensure that upon hiring a new pilot, they would know about the pilot’s previous flight problems.

2. The captain in the fatal accident had never received hands-on training with a safety system that activated just before the plane went down.

Similar situations can happen for teenage drivers who are not properly trained for driving a car and end up causing fatal car accidents.

Our automobile accident attorneys believe that if stricter testing requirements were implemented and more training offered to young, new drivers, it could very well lower the amount of teenage automobile accident statistics in America.

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