It is raining hard, and you are stuck on the road.

Blinding flashes occur all around your car, and the thunder sounds like it is right beside your ears.  You start thinking the proximity of the lightning may be getting dangerous and you try to hurry home.

As kids, many of us were probably taught that we have to stay inside our house.  This may make it seem like the best situation if you are caught in a car is to hurry home and run inside the house.  As car accident lawyers, we are concerned with the safety of all car drivers and passengers, so we believe the everyone should be aware of the best automobile accident prevention techniques against being struck by lightning as discussed by the National Lightning Institute in November, 2008.

In the case that you have an enclosed garage, the best idea is to hurry home as soon as possible.  Make sure the garage door is closed before getting out of the car.  That will ensure that the lightning will take the lightning rod and get grounded.   If you do not have a garage, however, staying in the car may be the best idea.  The outer metal body of the car will carry electric charge away from the motor vehicle’s insides and conduct the lightning directly into the ground.  Therefore, stay away from all metal parts on the car and do not lean against the walls of the automobile, because there is a slight chance you may get shocked in that manner.

And no matter what, do not exit the car.   In that case, even if the lightning does not strike you, you may very likely still get shocked because all the accumulated rainwater along the ground.  Even if you run out of gas, do not go to a gas station to refuel; just park on the side and wait out the storm.

Our car accident lawyers are concerned with the safety of everyone on the road, whether or not it relates to car accidents.  We, as auto accident attorneys, have witnessed relatives’ grief over loss of loved ones, so please remember these safety tips in the event you are ever caught in a car in the middle of a thunderstorm.

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