by Michael Pines

According to reports at CNN, Burch Farms is recalling all honeydew melons the company grew this year due to concerns over listeria contamination. Cantaloupe – which made headlines earlier this year – joins the recall as well.

As a part of the regular food inspection process, the FDA tests food to make sure it is safe for public consumption. It is during this time that dangerous bacteria or other food concerns are found.

The honeydew melons in this case were sold to 18 states along the East Coast according to reports. Some of the melons may have made it as far west as the Midwest, and the exact reselling of the melons in other neighboring states is currently unknown.

If you are concerned about a possible listeria contamination on your honeydew melons, take the following precautions immediately:

  • Inspect the melon for tags that identify it as a Burch Farm honeydew melon. According to reports, many melons do NOT have a sticker. Your best bet is to contact the grocery store where you purchased the melon.
  • Another simple option: throw the melon away!

About Listeria contamination

Listeriosis is a deadly bacteria found on food and other products that, when ingested, can cause flu-like symptoms like vomiting, fever, and even an outbreak of rash. The bacteria is of particular concern for the elderly and women who are pregnant as these groups can often have lowered immune systems and therefore can be gravely affected by the contamination. Miscarriages and deaths have been attributed to listeria poisoning.

As scary as it may sound, listeria poising may take weeks to incubate in the body and cause symptoms. That’s why it’s never been more important to stay on top of alerts, especially if you or a loved one is pregnant, elderly, or if you have an infant, as all groups are most affected by listeria contamination.

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