As teenagers approach the end of high school, the potential for drunk driving accidents looms over prom and graduation celebrations.  That is why the the Live 2 Graduate campaign seeks to advise teens and parents over the danger of drunk driving, according to details provided by KFMB CBS 8-San Diego.

Our car accident attorneys know that teenagers may experiment with alcohol at younger ages despite the warnings from parents and law enforcement officials.  Drunk driving causes the wrongful deaths of thousands of teenagers every year, and prom season is one of the times when these teenage driving car accidents are at its peak.

Live 2 Graduate campaign reminds teenagers and parents about hazards of drunk driving

At Bonita Cove in Mission Bay on May 21, 2010, San Diego Police officers and members of the Live 2 Graduate campaign educated teenagers about the dangers of drinking while celebrating the end of high school.  Drunk driving, specifically, was a focus at the seminar.

Not only does the campaign warn about drunk driving, but it also delivers a message to parents who may be hosting parties with alcohol.  Adults who host these parties can be arrested and charged with soliciting alcohol to a minor.  Live 2 Graduate officials want parents to be completely aware of what their teenagers are doing during this time.

Live 2 Graduate is a campaign operated within the San Diego County Binge & Underage Drinking Initiative under the Social Access Work Group.  Their main focus is to change social norms and access of alcohol to minors through youth leadership and media advocacy.  Long and the program would like to drastically change numbers from 2009 — 206 alcohol violations were given to teenagers who were drinking at the beach during prom and graduation seasons.

Our car accident attorneys in San Diego agree with this campaign’s message.  Too many teenage drivers suffer personal injuries or wrongful death as a result of the bad choice of drinking and driving.  So this spring, if you’re under 21, alcohol shouldn’t be a part of your fun.

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