Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are all too much of a serious reality across the state of California. In areas with heavy foot traffic including San Diego, pedestrians face significant risks of being hit by a car or other vehicle and sustaining life-threatening injuries.

Can Crosswalks Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents?

An individual who sustains injuries in a pedestrian accident may never be able to fully recover from the extent of a collision. While individuals inside a car have the benefit of safety mechanisms like seatbelts and airbags, a pedestrian has none of these protections and is much more likely to suffer serious injuries.

Los Angeles is taking a big step forward with regard to pedestrian safety. 15 new pedestrian signals are being installed across the downtown area to minimize accident risks when people are crossing the street. These new traffic safety devices are known as head start signals and are especially helpful in preventing accidents caused by vehicles making right-hand turns. These signals allow individuals to cross the street at intersections four seconds before motor vehicles are able to move on a green light.

Many of the urban centers in cities across the country have a significant problem associated with pedestrians being injured or killed in accidents with trucks and cars. Los Angeles is one of the first cities to make a dedicated move to prevent and minimize these pedestrian accidents using new technology such as these head start signals. A successful trial in Los Angeles may lead to implementation in other cities across California, such as San Diego. With so many pedestrians on the streets of California, it’s not a surprise that the state may become a leader in pedestrian accident prevention.