When all hope is lost, where do you turn?  How far would you go on the whim of hope to help yourself?  For one man living with paralysis, he’s about to go all the way across the world to find a cure for his condition.

A Louisiana resident is going to Portugal seeking an experimental therapy treatment using stem cells to heal his paralysis.  He’s been waiting three years with a debilitating spinal cord injury to find answers and could have to wait another six years before he gets the results he wants.  The time healing will be worth it to cure his paralysis.

The paralysis lawyers who work at our firm having nothing but admiration for this young man, who’s not only working to find a paralysis treatment that can help him, but for find a way past his bodily limitations and looking to a brighter future.  You see, he himself, wants to be a lawyer.

His journey back on his feet will be a long and difficult one.  Stem cell research is still a very experimental form of therapy for spinal cord injuries, which he suffered back in 2007.  However, his hopes are high about his outlook for recovery.

The man’s neurologist, has taken some stem cells from deep inside this man’s nose, so far the only area of the body where regeneration of cells is known to occur.  Through some studies on rats, the findings have shown that healing can occur in SCI patients, but it just takes time.  Fortunately for this man, he’s good at having patience and eagerly awaits the day that picking up a book or a pencil will not be hindered by his paraplegia, which has affected his lower body as well as his upper.

From our firm, our experienced paralysis lawyers wish him all the best of luck and look forward to hearing about his life after the treatments in Portugal.  Good luck!

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