The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a test recently that proved small automobiles perform poorly during car accidents.

This study was made up of a series of car crash tests that showed how substantial damage can be done when small vehicles are in auto accidents, even when they hit other cars which are not that much bigger in size.

A majority of small cars do well on safety tests, but do not rank has high when it comes to auto accidents with other vehicles.  Larger cars absorb more of the energy from the impact in car accidents, reducing their passengers’ risk of personal injury rather than smaller automobiles, which tend to have a structure with less absorption potential.

Our car accident attorneys feel that this study shows the hazards of owning a smaller automobile and driving it on roads populated with larger sized cars.  You could be driving one moment and the

“I think everyone knows you don’t send a flyweight into the ring against a heavyweight,” said the president of the Insurance Institute, commenting on automobile weight..

The car crash test study was conducted on the Toyota’s small Yaris, the Honda Fit, and a Mercedes-Benz, all which went on to receive “poor” ratings, the worst grade they could get.

Honda Motor Company and Mercedes-Benz reacted to the test by calling them “extreme”, saying that the types of car accidents simulated in the study rarely happen in real world driving and that the severity of the property damage in a car accident is grossly over exaggerated.

Our firm’s car accident lawyers agree with the insurance group’s poor results for the models tested because it shows that smaller cars cause more damage in car accidents. When it comes to a choice between saving money and saving lives, our offices urge you to choose safety first and foremost.

But what ever kind of automobile you drive, make sure that you have the best car insurance policy to cover you and your family in the event of a car accident out on the road.

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