An 89-year old male sustained critical injuries recently when a vehicle hit him as he was crossing an intersection in the Park West area while in his wheelchair. According to those at the scene of the accident, the senior citizen had wheeled himself directly into the oncoming path of a vehicle on Fifth Avenue near Hawthorne Street just after noon.

The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment of a fractured pelvis, trauma, and a serious head injury. He was expected to survive and no other injuries were reported. Where the accident happened, there was no clearly marked crosswalk and the individual who slammed into the man in the wheelchair said that he did not see the pedestrian until the accident happened. Unfortunately, pedestrians, cyclists, individuals in wheelchairs and others may be exposed to greater crash vulnerability where there are no crosswalks or other indications that someone may be coming across the road. No one expects to be hit by a car in San Diego, however, while crossing the street.

Although all car drivers are responsible for maintaining judgement about the surroundings near them, accidents can and do still happen. No one should suffer the injuries associated with being hit by a car in San Diego. Someone walking on crutches or in a wheelchair may sustain critical injuries in the event of such an accident and it can be very difficult to recover from these injuries due to the body’s exposure to greater harm. If you have recently been injured in an accident, reach out to an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney.