Our firm’s spinal cord injury attorneys believe that no one should ever have to worry about becoming a paraplegic on the job.  Unfortunately, paralyzing injuries are a known hazard working in law enforcement.

After a high-speed chase that caused one police officer’s paralysis, the Mercury News has reported a prison sentence of 13 years to the man who led the chase.

After police officer’s paralysis, man sentenced to over a decade in prison.

Police chases are considered by our firm to be one of the top causes of car accidents and can seriously hurt anyone who happens to get caught in the path of chaos and destruction.  Unfortunately, many times, those people are the men and women behind the badge who are dedicated to keeping us safe.

This week, a 37-year-old man received the maximum sentence from a judge, telling the Antioch, California resident he deserved “every day of it.”  The man was accused of causing that high-speed police chase that lead to the paralyzing injuries of an officer.

On March 9th, 2009, the officer was in pursuit of the man, the parolee in question– suspected of stealing a car — when his squad vehicle hit a dip in the road, sending him flying into a residential home.  The officer was paralyzed from the waist down from the car accident.  He had to retire from the Antioch police department, adding to the stress of living with paralysis with loss of earnings and the cost of medical treatment.

Yet, even as the man in question pleaded guilty to eight felonies in front of the court, the officer maintained that he was a good man who could still change.

We are impressed by the officer’s optimism.  For a lot of people, the first few mental steps after becoming paralyzed can be incredibly trying.  This is one person who is already off to a great start in the road to recovery.

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