Our car accident attorneys know that some holidays come with partying particularly harder than others.  New Year’s Eve typically has a high number of car accidents, but one other holiday causes car accidents because of some of the heavy drinking done by patrons — Mardi Gras.

In San Diego, there are two different events going on in two different parts of the city: downtown San Diego (aka the Gaslamp) and north of that in Hillcrest.  No matter where you decide to celebrate the holiday which translates to “Fat Tuesday” from French, please do not drink and drive.

Downtown, there will be a 21-and-up party with two parades as well as drinks.  The party will last until about midnight tonight.  In Hillcrest, the Hillcrest Business Association has scheduled a party running from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. on University Avenue between First and Fourth avenues.

No matter where you decide to throw your beads, make sure you take precautions before you go out.  This way, you’re free to enjoy future Mardi Gras celebrations guilt-free (or at least when it comes to not driving drunk.)  If you plan to drink, make sure you have a designated driver picked out.  If you’re going out with a large group of people who all want to enjoy adult beverages, have the phone number of a taxi service handy.  You can find these and other handy tips to prevent drunk driving at our DUI prevention resource page.

Drunk driving causes thousands of car accidents every year, which leads to many cases of personal injury or wrongful death.  Our car accident lawyers don’t want to discourage going out for Mardi Gras.  We only want to educate drivers on getting to where they plan to party and getting home from that party safely.

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