Several New England athletes are going to the State House in Massachusetts in support of a law that would put new provisions on youth sports in an effort to avoid concussions.

Our brain injury lawyers believe that all athletes should contribute their part in helping with the increasing problem of concussions in professional sports which filters all the way down to other brackets of athletics including high school and college levels.

Athletes ask Mass. State House to help prevent concussions.

Among the athletes who will be in attendance to discuss the new law are former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson, New England Revolution soccer player Taylor Twellman and boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward.

These athletes are speaking out in an effort to support the pending law that would require students and adults in youth athletic programs to get training in recognizing the symptoms of sports-related concussions.

The law would also require student-athletes who suffer a concussion or get knocked out during a game or pratice to get written medical permission from a doctor before coming back to play whatever sport they are involved in at school.

To many of these athletes and politicians, getting these athletes off the field to heal is vital.

“You can’t just shake it off.  You need to make sure that these kids have time to heal,” a staff worker for Senator Stephen Baddour, the sponsor for the law, told the Associated Press.

This new proposed law comes on the heels of the National Football League’s $1 million donation to a center at Boston University that studies brain trauma in football players and other athletes.

Our brain injury attorneys in San Diego realize how important this new legislation can be for the protection of student-athletes when it comes to preventing concussions.  A concussion may feel like just a headache to some youngsters, but it’s a bad sign to have if you play a contact sport where things can get rough and heads get hurt.

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