New health care proposals have met scrutiny from some members of the government, and the creators of the proposal had a meeting to form a response.  The criticism can lead to more delays for a new health care plan aimed to help millions pay medical bills from personal injury.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys who work at our firm believe that a new health care plan is necessary for the future.  Medicare was created in 1965, and has become somewhat outdated in 2009.  We have not had any significant healthcare changes in this country since 1965, 34 years ago.  A new health plan can secure a health plan to help future generations pay for medical bills in personal injury.

Some issues for many people are whether or not a few will pay for other’s health care, should there be government regulation or should there be an open market for health care insurance.

One event that can cause serious personal injury is a car accident.  Car accidents can leave scratches and bruises, but more severe car accidents can lead to major property damage and cause grevious pain and suffering to motorists and passengers on the highways and byways.

Supporters of the new health care plan felt the need to come up with a response to criticism that the new proposal could lead to “a Washington takeover of health care.”  The new government-sponsored health care plan would compete with private insurers in every state when helping people pay medical bills in personal injury cases.

People who back the plan argue that their plan would not deny people medical treatments they need in personal injury cases and make them wait for clinical help.  Those people also counter criticism by noting consumers would have the right to pick doctors and insurers when they need coverage in case personal injury leads to high medical bill costs.

Health care is a growing problem in the United States.  Too many Americans do not have health insurance, and this plan is a step in making sure that all people have a way to pay medical bills in personal injury cases.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego agree the health care system needs to be updated to fit the needs of Americans in this new age.  Hopefully a new system can be approved to ensure proper health care for present patients and future patients in personal injury cases.

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