Getting older is a part of life.

We try and avoid the inevitable but sooner or later time catches up with us.  The golden years are supposedly the best times and yet with older age comes a greater chance of suffering a personal injury as the immune system and bones are weaker than younger adults.

Medicare provides health care insurance to individuals 65 and over.  The governmental program has been under much scrutiny as doctor’s are thought to be overcharging their patients for simple procedures thus causing high medical bills.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys know that pople affected from permanent injuries from events like car accidents often have to use Medicare because that health insurance program is all the car insurance that is available.  If the doctors overcharge a loved one or you for health care this could cause high medical bills and pain and suffering.

The independent commision that advises the government on Medicare payments addressed a number of problems associated with the current insurance program in order to limit the amount of personal injury and medical bills elderly patients have to endure.

The commission laid out a number of suggestions, including monitoring payments to groups of primary-care physicians, specialists and hospitals.  Those providing poor health care at high costs would be penalized and those that do well in preventing more personal injury would be rewarded.

“Part of the problem is that Medicare’s fee-for-service payment systems reward more care — and more complex care — without regard to the quality or value of that care,” according to a report from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.  In addition, Medicare doesn’t “encourage coordination among providers” that can cut down on unnecesary care.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers’ first priority is making sure our clients receive the proper medical care they deserve in order for them to recover from their personal injuries.  These new proposed plans would be a giant step forward to making sure that people affected from personal injury from events like car accidents get the proper care they require.

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