The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned medical-device maker Medtronic Inc. about what the agency called a failure to properly report and remedy design defects in the company’s Synchromed drug pump and its MiniMed insulin pump.

The San Diego personal injury lawyers at our firm believe that companies should make consumers aware of potential side effects so consumers know about potential products liability connections.  The FDA can only do so much to help regulate harmful drugs, but there are still hundreds of drugs on the market that lead to personal injury because of side effects.

Medtronic devices should help prevent personal injury, not cause them.

The FDA issued warnings to Medtronic to tell patients of the design defects in their devices in order to avoid personal injury and even wrongful deaths from the products liability.  The FDA said “multiple” pumps were released and implanted in patients even though they were not filled with a propellant needed to operate correctly.  The pumps are used to release remedies for medical treatment during a personal injury, as well as the drug baclofen to reduce spasticity in patients.

In “adverse-reaction” reports to the FDA, health professionals have reported personal injury cases with the drug pump such as a patients with “symptoms of overdose” like “somnolence, drowsiness” and flaccid arms and legs.  Another described “somnolence and respiratory problems.”

Medtronic said no wrongful deaths have resulted from any of the issues.

While no wrongful deaths have occurred thus far, products liability can result in any number of personal injuries to patients.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at our firm believe hiring an experienced litigator ensures wrongful companies are held liable for personal injuries that occurred because of their products.

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