This woman always wanted to be a writer, but she was consistently blocked for inspiration.  It wasn’t until an auto accident six years ago changed her life that she finally had something to write about, though it was not originally what she had planned.

The woman and her boyfriend, both triathletes, were struck by a drunk-driver on Easter morning of 2004.  The auto accident killed the man and left Mason with a serious spinal cord injury.  The Sacramento Bee just reported that the scribe who had nothing to write about recently published her first book about living with paralysis called “Couldn’t Happen to Me: A Life Changed by Paralysis and Traumatic Brain Injury”

Our firm’s paralysis attorneys in San Diego know that it is not easy to recover from any variety of paralysis — not just physically, but mentally as well.  How do you cope with the pain of loss?  For Mason, it was a hard journey to relive everything of the past six years, but the book has helped her find a new outlook for her recovery.

The woman is now wheelchair bound, but it wasn’t always like that for her.  An avid fan of sports, she is someone who always liked to keep busy and she makes sure that her spinal cord injury does not slow the brakes down on her life.

On Easter morning, in 2004, the couple came across the path of a drunk driver with four times the legal limit of alcohol in his body.  Mason’s spinal cord was severed, causing her complete paraplegia, along with the loss of some cognitive abilities and control over some of her motor functions.  Her brain injury has erased some parts of her memory, which made writing her book that much more difficult.

The accident happened when she was in her mid-to-late 20’s.  She is now 32-years-old and spends much of her time working with Sacramento’s drunk-driving education program, Every 15 Minutes, as well as makes sure to participate in fitness training programs like she used to.  Using a specially equipped bike, she can ride solo.  Although she has lost some speed since her time as a triathlete, training helps her stay focused and determined in her recovery.

The San Diego spinal cord injury lawyers at our firm believe that no one should have to go through what this woman did.  We also think that it takes courage and strength to open up about such a painful topic.  We hope that others can hear her story, learn from it, and have hope for the future of paralysis recovery.

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