Fosamax, a drug used to treat osteoprosis and several other bone diseases, is under investigation after patients using the drug complained of injuries caused by use.

Fosamax plaintiffs claim Merck, the dangerous drug maker, misrepresented the drug’s safety and failed to warn doctors and patients that it might hamper blood flow to the jaw, causing jawbone-tissue death and leading to partial removal in some patients.  Jawbone tissue death is called osteonecrosis of the jaw and is an injury that can cause the individual emotional trauma as part of their jaw is now missing.

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego believe that you should not have to worry if a medication you are taking is going to hurt you due to products liability.

Fosamax, used to treat bone injuries in patients, has been found to kill jawbone tissue.

In addition to the pain and suffering many Fosamax users go through upon having part of their bone taken out of their jaw, the fact that this could have been avoided if only the drug manufacturer would of tested their medications more thoroughly is all the more disheartening.

The patients claim Merck didn’t sufficiently warn about the drug’s risks when it changed the label in 2005. “They were the only drug company not to use the language that the FDA requested,” reports said, referring to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Merck disputes the claims, saying there’s no reliable evidence the medicine causes the bone condition even though numerous users have sought medical treatment for their injuries.

Put yourself in the shoes of the many who took Fosamax in hopes of curing their bone injuries.  Doctor’s and drug makers backed this product and you the patient thought it was a miracle medicine only to have to have part of your bone removed and forever suffer an immense amount of pain and suffering.

When it comes down to it, who do you hold responsible for your emotional trauma?

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