Many individuals already know that multiple concussions can lead to irreparable damage over the long run. One condition that you may want to be concerned about as a result of repeated traumatic brain injuries is known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. There are also concerns about mild concussion in head injuries that happen once.

A news release from the University of Pennsylvania shows that researchers believe that suffering through a mild traumatic brain injury can actually be the basis for long-term cognitive impairments. Researchers have discovered brain proteins known as SNTF. This can be present in the blood after a patient sustains a mild traumatic brain injury but it doesn’t show up in every concussion case. Researchers believe that the presence of this protein can signal the kind of brain damage that could be associated with cognitive impairments. A team of researchers at the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania recently reported these findings after a research study delving into the issue.

Blood tests can be critical for helping physicians treat head trauma like that which occurs after a serious San Diego car accident. Physicians may be able to use blood test after a patient has sustained a blow to the head to determine whether or not that patient will suffer from a diffused axonal injury. If physicians are able to diagnose these injuries as soon as possible, they may be able to better predict the patient’s potential level of cognitive impairment related to the traumatic brain injury.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries are becoming increasingly common but are still relatively not as well understood as other medical impairments common after a car accident. If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury after a car accident, it is likely that you are impacted by serious medical bills and treatments that may continue for many months or years after the accident has happened.