According to the NHTSA, millions of car accidents happen every year. One out of every four drivers is involved in a car accident at least once in their lifetime. And the financial estimated cost of these accidents is greater than 230 billion accidents. The vast majority of vehicle accidents do not lead to significant damage or injuries.

In fact, State Farm Insurance Company shows that up to 75% of all car accidents are minor accidents or those without any serious injuries and only minor property damage. The majority of insurance companies will classify these as minor car accidents because people settle quickly and seldom pursue litigation. A minor vehicle accident, though, can still leave you with injuries and damages. Talking to a lawyer can help to clarify whether it makes sense to file.

These fender benders often lead to minimal damage because of low speed. Some of the most common ways in which these minor vehicle accidents happen include:

  •       Not stopping at an intersection because of braking issues.
  •       Driving unreasonably fast in parking lots.
  •       Backing out of driveways.
  •       Being caught in a chain reaction rear-end crash in slow moving traffic.
  •       Being distracted in the car.
  •       Falling asleep in bumper to bumper traffic.

Even minor car accidents can lead to significant injuries, however, so you should never minimize the potential consequences of a minor vehicle accident without first being treated for any medical conditions and consulting with an attorney to discuss a personal injury claim.