French anarchists disabled the most hated speeding camera in Paris at the end of April, 2009, a move which could mean that car accident statistics in Europe may rise more and more in countries where the citizens dismantle safety measures on their roads.

Our car accident lawyers think that no matter what country you are in, actions such as these only add another hazard to an already dangerous road.  This speeding camera was helping to reduce the chance of an automobile accident and all of the various sorts of personal injuries associated with them.

Two dozen of the bright orange stickers that are used to identify freshly manufactured Continental tires were plastered by anarchists on the face of the automated ticketing machine that was responsible for over 157,000 citations in 2008.  But a more important number, which will never be calculated, is how many car crashes did it prevent?

France is the only country in Europe who may see a spike in their car accident statistics.  It seems as though England is getting in on the game.

English anarchists used an actual tire for the destruction of speeding cameras on morning of April 30, 2009 in the village of Fernhurst in West Sussex.  Again, how many car accidents did that camera stop from ever occurring because drivers knew of its presence and decided not to speed through that area?

As aggravating and frustrating as speeding cameras are, they can help to lower car accident statistics every year by keeping a watchful eye on the road.  If car drivers slow down, they can avoid not only a ticket, but an auto accident as well.

Which is cheaper: getting into an automobile accident and paying the high cost of the medical bills or paying a ticket, where the only one who experiences pain and suffering is your wallet?

Our firm’s car accident lawyers know that the rules of the road exist to help drivers avoid car accidents and encourage people to follow the speed limit.  And if a ticket from a speeding camera helps you arrive home safely, all the better.

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