Contrary to popular belief, open spaces must make for more car accidents than congested ones. 

According to a report in the January 2009 issue of The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, there is a much higher rate of hospitalization for most accidental children’s injuries in rural areas than in cities, with car accidents as the leading cause.

Our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers know that when children get hurt in an accident, it can lead to serious injuries and even permanent disabilities that grow worse as they get older.  These injuries can take years of medical treatment, while some people never quite recover from their wounds.

The study used a ranking from the Department of Agriculture that lists the nation’s 3,141 counties on a scale of 1 to 12, with 1 having the greatest population density.  For example, Manhattan would be coded 1 in this scale.  The researchers then reduced those categories into just four groups that ranged from most urban to most rural and examined hospital records.

“Injuries impose a huge financial and public health burden upon us all, regardless of where we live,” said Dr. Jeffrey H. Coben, a leading researcher in this study.  “To confront this problem, we need to better understand the specific and differential risk in different locales so that we can better target the right interventions to the right people in the right places.”

With studies in cities claiming that traffic congestion is a major reason for increases in car accident statistics, this study would serve to contradict those claims. 

The experienced car accident lawyers at our firm always look for studies on car accidents and hope to find ways to prevent them.  This study shows that some of our preconceived ideas about car accident statistics were possibly wrong.  Regardless, we believe that drivers should make a safety a priority regardless of the location or situation.  If a car driver is on a rural, suburban or city road, the same driving principles apply.

If you obey the rules of the road and are not reckless behind the wheel, should it matter where you are driving?

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