A report released by the Office of Independent Review shows how a large number of employees, sworn deputies, and civilian staff, 70 members total, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were arrested in 2008 due to alcohol-related and drunk driving charge that could potentially have lead to DUI auto accidents.

It may all seem like a funny joke when the fictionalized officers on television’s “Reno 911” get caught up in the very antics they are supposed to be preventing.  Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers know that the reality of drunk driving can lead to car accidents that can cause personal injury and wrongful death.

Those arrested were often charged with DUI and also included off-duty deputies carrying guns while drunk.  With 17,000 employees, plus another 9,500 sworn deputies, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is the largest in the United States.

While the Sheriff’s Department was shown to such high numbers of employees charged with drunk driving and DUI, attitudes towards this type of behavior have changed.

“In the old days, maybe ten years ago, there was the concept of what officers called ‘professional courtesy’ [when one police officer caught another driving drunk and would not charge them with any violation],” said the individual who heads the agency in charge of the report. “That’s gone away.”

It is ironic that those who are put in charge of the safety of citizens and enforcing laws against drunk-driving, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a prominent department, no less, is causing DUI accidents instead of preventing them.

Whether on duty or off duty these men and women are officers of the law. They are held to a higher standard than the average citizen and it begs investigation into whether or not charges should be more severe if those holding badges are caught drunk driving.

How can Sheriff Department deputies keep roads safe and enforce the laws concerning alcohol and driving when they cannot even control themselves?

Our car accident attorneys in San Diego want to do everything we can to prevent car accidents caused by drunk driving.  In an effort to prevent these car accidents, our car accident lawyers have a helpful DUI prevention resource page that gives all drivers information about drunk driving statistics as well as links to organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous if you may have a drinking problem.

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