With the outbreak of swine flu causing a panic around the world, many people are misdiagnosing their current state of health, just like hundreds of people who misdiagnose the severity of their personal injuries after they are involved in an automobile accident.

Our firm’s San Diego automobile accident attorneys see cases where people who are injured in car crashes misdiagnose how bad their personal injuries from the auto accident really are.  Usually injured persons are unaware about how dangerous something that sounds like a little deal, such as whiplash, can turn into a big deal when it deteriorates if not properly treated.

A record-shattering number of injured persons are visiting hospital emergency rooms since the swine flu broke out in early 2009.  Injured persons with coughs, sore throats and fevers—even sometimes showing no symptoms at all—are looking for a professional answer in regards to if they have swine flu.

However, with car accident injuries it is usually the opposite, with injured persons not seeking medical treatment for personal injuries.  Most of the time, injured persons involved in a minor auto accident believe that they can walk away from the car crash without a scratch.  However, if they do not consult a physician, injured persons could see their auto accident injuries worsen over time and even be the direct result of wrongful death.

Imagine that you are in a car accident that is not too serious, but by no means a fender-bender.  You go home because you think you only have a minor case of whiplash and a little bit of back pain, not realizing that your whiplash injury is very serious and your back has suffered a spinal cord injury that, if gone untreated, could lead to a physical disability or paralysis.

Our firm’s experienced auto accident attorneys in San Diego want to advise all injured persons who are involved in car accidents to not be negligent in getting their injuries looked at by a trusted doctor.  Your personal injuries may not include swine flu, but they can do a lot of harm after a car accident occurs if left unchecked by a medical professional.

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