If this recession continues to halt our economy, then stories like these will likely continue — and that might be a good thing for car accident statistics.

“It was the economy,” reports said. “LivePerson is way more lucrative than my private practice.”

LivePerson is a Web site that charges people a rate per minute to chat online with professionals, experts and advisors of many fields.  It currently offers 30,000 experts from which to choose from to receive advice.

Our firm’s car accident lawyers are always pleased to hear that there are new forces in the world that are helping to lower the number of personal injuries and wrongful deaths that happen on our roads.  It is a shame that the economy has to take a financial toll on so many Americans, but this is one up side to all the pain and suffering it has caused.

As this private mental-health counseling practice is taking losses, the program charges $1.98 per minute to dispense advice to a global list of clients through LivePerson Inc.  It seems that a growing number of people are no longer driving to work but instead are working at home and offering their skills online.

The woman who started this company — who had previously charged clients at her private practice $75/hour — is one of a many people that are finding the internet, and working from home, to be quite profitable.  According to comScore Media Metrix, internet job-search sites saw 51% more visitors to their sites in January of 2009, when compared to the previous January.

What do these thousands of experts, now able to work mostly from home, have to do with preventing car accidents?  With people like this woman who are able to make a living from home, thousands of cars will no longer be making the morning and evening drives to and from work.  Fewer cars on the road will likely mean fewer car accidents caused by heavy traffic conditions.

There could be some unintended consequences if fewer automobiles are on the road.  The major one  is the possible increase in speeding drivers.  Speeding causes more accidents every year than almost anything else.  With more space on the roadways, will drivers be more inclined to driver faster than the posted speed limit, regardless of the weather?

Only time will tell, so make sure that you keep making those payments on your auto insurance policy even if you are tight for cash.

Our car accident attorneys hope that these new employment opportunities will indeed lower car accident statistics — not to mention help out our dying economy.  With the millions of automobile accidents that happen on the roads each year, any way to ensure that more car drivers make it home safely, the better.

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