Our San Diego car accident lawyers have stated time and again that the number one top cause of car accidents is driver distractions and of those driver distractions, cell phones have the highest ranking on the list.  And who is on their cell phones a lot of the time?  Teens.

Now a new study shows that in the United States, one-third of teens are texting these days more than talking on their phones, according to a report from CNet News.

Teens text more now than ever and might be distracted while driving.

Teens are texting more now than ever. Are they doing it while driving? (Source: WT-Sacramento)

This new data leaves our firm wondering if, in fact, these teens are driving and texting at the same time as well.

Teen drivers are inexperienced, making them another top cause of car accidents.  Add in the danger of distraction from a cell phone — especially texting, where the motorist must take his or her eyes off the road — you have a recipe for personal injuries out on the road.

Depending on age and gender, the study shows which teens text the most, and many of them are at an age where they can legally drive.  Boys, on average per day, send out and receive around 30 text messages, while 80 is the number for girls, with girls 14- to 17-year-old sending out more than 100 messages a day.

How many are doing it from behind the wheel of a car?  That’s what our San Diego car accident lawyers want to know and what we hope you are asking your teen driver before you hand off the keys to your vehicle.

Parents are responsible for making sure their teen drivers receive the best driver’s education possible, which means warning them about the dangers of using a cell phone on the road.  In California it is illegal, but people still do it.  Is your teen one of them?

Teach your teenage driver now of the dangers associated with texting and driving so they don’t have to learn their lesson the hard way.

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