Alcohol is always dangerous when mixed in with driving, but new research shows that it’s particularly dangerous for younger drivers, who face serious accident and fatality risks behind the wheel.

More strict alcohol policies within the state could minimize the number of deaths associated with motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, far too many car accidents are preventable. Alcohol-related car crashes are a major contributor to accidental deaths for adolescents and teenagers, according to a new study.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, outlines the connection. Restrictive alcohol policies in a particular state were linked to lower fatality rates for car accidents.

Alcohol can have many negative implications for the driver as well as anyone else sharing the road with him or her. Even a couple of drinks can impair a driver’s ability to respond quickly to an obstacle in the road. Alcohol also makes it harder to judge distances and make good decisions behind the wheel. Sadly, in many alcohol-related accidents, passengers in the other vehicle are the ones most likely to be hurt and severely so. Problems like paralysis or traumatic brain injuries can happen in just a couple of seconds during an alcohol-related accident.

For the victim of such an accident, life may never be the same. The medical bills can pile up quickly and a great deal of stress can impact the victim as well as his or her family members.