Some causes of vehicle accidents, like distracted driving, get more coverage than others. However, data can show the most common causes of car crashes in California and in other states. When an accident happens and it’s caused by another person’s negligent behavior, any victims may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Knowing whether or not this applies to you requires speaking with a lawyer after any California car accidents. It can be overwhelming for other car passengers, drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists who end up being struck or injured in a car crash.

Some of the biggest reasons for California car accidents include:

  • Speeding: Which causes more than 50,000 accidents in California alone on an annual basis. Reaction times are reduced when a driver is speeding, making an accident all the more likely.
  • Distracted driving: Whether it’s talking on the phone, reading emails, or trying to eat and drive at the same time, distracted driving accounts for far too many California car accidents every single year.
  • Disobeying traffic laws: Making an illegal U-turn or following another car too closely are some of the most dangerous behaviors.
  • Vehicle errors: Although human error is the most common cause of California car accidents, sometimes a defect product in the car can cause a crash to occur.
  • DUI: At least 12,000 critical car accidents are caused by DUI annually in California. The sad news about this situation is that DUI accidents could be prevented completely. Of those California accidents involving DUI, 500 of them end up being fatal for a victim.

You may not know all of the factors at play in your accident until days or weeks after the crash happens. This is why so many personal injury lawyers fully investigate the scene of the wreck and determine all potentially liable parties and causes of the accident before moving forward with a legal claim.