Disclaimer:  Please remember that as car accident attorneys, we are not driving instructors or experts who you should consult before implementing any of the suggested driving tips, below.

Our firm is in the business of helping people who are hurt in auto accident that are not their fault, specializing in the kind of law that helps people pay their medical bills and getting back on their feet.  However, our litigators would much rather see accident prevented in the first place.  Here are several tips from a car accident attorney for handling several common and potentially dangerous motor vehicle driving emergencies:

1.  Tire Blowout: For many people, the first reaction to a tire blowout is to slam on the brakes and quickly attempt pull off to the side of the road, especially if it is the front tire that is used for turning.  However, turning and braking at such high speeds has the potential to cause a much more serious car accident, including a rollover car accident, or perhaps a car accident with another motor vehicle or several car accidents (it can be a “chain reaction”).  The first thing you might do when a tire blowout occurs is to squeeze the gas pedal for several seconds and drive straight ahead.  This allows you to maintain control of your motor vehicle.  After several seconds, slowly release the gas pedal and allow the motor vehicle to slow to a speed at which it is safe to turn (approximately 25-30 mph).  Finally, gradually turn the motor vehicle in the direction of the blowout and pull far enough off the road out of the way of moving traffic.

2.  Tire Tread Separation: Tread separation is when the motor vehicle tire tread rubber and underlying steel belt partially or completely separate from the tire.  Although the recovery techniques are similar to that of a tire blowout, tread separation has the potential to cause a much more dangerous car accident.  Again, pump the gas motor vehicle’s gas peddle for several seconds (if there is time) and then gently release it and drive straight in your lane until you can safely pull of to the side of the road to avoid a car accident.

3.  Dropping Two Wheels Off The Road: The first reaction for many people when two wheels come off their motor vehicle road is to quickly over correct and get back onto the road.  However, when driving at high speeds, especially, this maneuver can lead to a potentially serious car accident.  Our firm believe you first move should be to remove pressure from the gas pedal.  Do not brake your motor vehicle.  Instead, drive parallel to the road for several seconds until the motor vehicle slows to a safe turning speed (approximately 25-30 mph).  Gently turn back onto the road, but be careful not to overturn the motor vehicle (the two front wheels should not be completely on the road before the back tires are on the road).

4.  Sudden Acceleration: Also, known as “unintended acceleration,” this is often caused by driver error, rather than a mechanical error, and can also lead to a serious auto accident.  In most cases, it is important to release whatever pedal you are pressing and allow the motor vehicle to slow so that you can regain control.  (In most modern vehicles, well-maintained brakes will easily overpower the engine).  If the sudden acceleration is not the result of motor vehicle driver error, put the transmission in Neutral and allow the motor vehicle to slow down.  Gently apply pressure to the brakes.  If you cannot put the motor vehicle in Neutral, switch off the ignition as a last resort.  Most modern cars are equipped with plenty of reserve braking power that will stop the motor vehicle, even when the engine is turned off.

As car accident attorneys, we have witnessed just about the cause of just about every car accident.  Some general ideas that may apply to some of the suggestions above, think about just about everything that could and might go wrong when driving.  For example, what about using emergency lights or turning signals?  What about using your horn?  What about emergency lights?  And finally, to prevent an auto accident, what about using your emergency brakes?

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