No matter how skilled of a motorcycle rider a person thinks they are, they cannot completely prevent a motorcycle accident that causes personal injury or wrongful death.

As motorcycle accident lawyers, we want to give motorcyclists helpful tips that aid in preventing motorcycle accidents.  Motorcycle accidents can cause serious personal injury because of a motorcycle’s lack of size and safety features like seat belts and crumple zones.

It helpful to be prepared for the scene of a motorcycle crash.

When a motorcyclist gets into a motorcycle accident, they may have no knowledge in what to do at the scene of the accident affect a case if the motorcyclist was not at fault.

Remaining calm is always the first and most important thing to do at the scene of a motorcycle accident.  Many crashes can result in anxiety or pain from personal injury.  If you cannot control yourself, your anxiety may be infectious and scare others at the scene.  If you begin to panic, take deep breaths to try and calm yourself.

Before you do anything, take a minute to get basic information from the scene.  Is anyone hurt?  Are there any dangers in the area such as fire, leaking hazardous material such as gasoline or oncoming traffic?

Communicate to people who have personal injury and call an ambulance if it is necessary.  If you know techniques, administer CPR if the person requires.  Otherwise, leave the person’s helmet on and immobalize them.  Try to keep them conscious and reassured until paramedics arrive.

Get witness and driver/motorcyclist information including names, phone numbers and addresses of all people in the traffic accident.  Also, gather insurance information and driver’s licence numbers of all motorcycle accident victims as well as detailed information of every vehicle involved.

When a police officer takes a report, double check to make sure the information they write down is accurate.  Police officers can make mistakes, too, and their mistakes can keep you from resolving your claims efficiently.

As motorcycle accident attorneys, we believe it is important for motorcyclists to have all of the information necessary to protect themselves in automobile accident cases.  Tips for knowing what to do at the scene help everyone because all sides to the story are collected and necessary evidence is kept unaltered.

Coming up in part five of our motorcycle accident series, we inform motorcyclists about the possible personal injuries a motorcycle accident can cause and the ways to get care and treatment.

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