Motorcycle accidents can lead to a variety of personal injuries.  Some of those injuries can cause more permanent damage or wrongful death than others, and knowing about what could happen can help prevent those personal injuries from happening.

As motorcycle accident lawyers, we have experience with many personal injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes.  Some of these personal injuries have caused permanent physical disabilities and other more serious personal injuries cause wrongful death.

Motorcycle riders are 16 times more likely to die and three times more likely to be injured as drivers or passengers of standard automobiles.  Motorcyclists are significantly more exposed than those in cars and are more vulnerable to personal injury.

Head injuries are the biggest cause of wrongful death in motorcycle accidents.  A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study estimates that wearing a helmet can reduce the likelihood of wrongful death by 29%.  Many states debate whether or not wearing a helmet should be required, but a law preventing wrongful death or traumatic brain injuries should be viewed as a positive.

Skin abrasions are some of the most common personal injuries in motorcycle accidents and are also the least serious.  When a motorcyclist is thrown from his bike, their skin makes contact with either asphalt or concrete causing scrapes.  These usually heal with minimal medical treatment.

When motorcycle accident victims are thrown from their vehicles, their instincts can cause them to try and avoid personal injury by using their arms or legs to soften the fall.  The force of the impact can often result in wrist and leg injuries.  In some cases, spinal cord injuries are caused by awkward falls.

Depending on how severe the motorcycle accident is and the personal injuries suffered, a motorcycle accident victim may experience psychological trauma that may require treatment.  For example, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — an anxiety disorder — can come from frightening experiences where severe physical harm occurs or is threatened.

As motorcycle accident attorneys, we do not want to scare motorcyclists away from riding their motorcycles, nor do we want to discourage possible new motorcyclist.  However, we believe we have a responsibility to educate motorcycle riders about the potential hazards involved in motorcycle riding.

In the final part of our motorcycle accident awareness series, we give riders details about properly insuring your motorcycle as well as necessary legal information for when a motorcycle crash occurs.

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