Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Grass in the Road

Motorcyclists love the freedom their rides give them as they fly down the roadway. Although more dangerous than cars, motorcycles can be driven safely and be a reliable source of transportation, fun, and even relaxation. The key is for riders and the public to always be aware of hazards that may contribute to an accident.

One lesser-known but commonly encountered danger motorcyclists face is grass clippings in the road. If you have no experience riding motorcycles, you may not understand how dangerous cuttings in the road can be. But ask any seasoned motorcyclist and they will tell you that great care must be taken when you encounter loose grass.

How Grass in the Road Causes Accidents

As you may well know, tires must meet the road directly in order to have the traction they need for safe driving. Grass and lawn debris form a layer of organic material between tires and the road, which frequently leads to a loss of traction and motorcycle control. The same phenomenon occurs with ice on the road.

Putting any kind of debris on the road is not permitted in San Diego or anywhere else in California. If the debris directly leads to a motorcycle accident, the victim might have a strong claim for compensation.

How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Grass in the Road

Although educating the public may help in keeping grass cuttings out of the road, it is highly unlikely to solve the problem entirely. Therefore, the bulk of the responsibility for safely navigating grass clippings in the road falls on the motorcyclist.

Awareness of the Hazard

Understanding that the hazard exists is the most important safety measure a rider can take against grass on the road. Once you know how dangerous grass and other garden debris on the road can be, you’ll know to take appropriate measures to help ensure your safety.

Recognizing Potentially Hazardous Roadways

Fortunately, not every roadway will have piles of grass on it. Those that do share one characteristic — they are near a property with a yard, sidewalk, or field of grass. You should keep your eyes open for cut grass when traveling roads with schools, churches, residences, and anywhere else you’d expect a lawnmower to be used.

Understanding the Time of Year

Lawns are cut more frequently in the spring, summer, and early fall, meaning you’re more likely to see grass on the road during these times of the year. However, in sunny California, many cut their grass year-round. Also, leaves and other yard debris on the roadways are not uncommon in colder months. 

Defensive Operation of Your Motorcycle

Operating your motorcycle defensively will reduce your chances of having a motorcycle accident caused by grass on the road. If you come upon a stretch of road with leaves, defensive driving techniques should take over. Being aware means you saw the pile coming, which gives you time to slow down and make safe choices. 

Putting anything on the road is unacceptable, much less material that is known to cause crashes. Although people customarily blow yard waste onto the road, they should know that motorcycle accidents caused by grass in the road are common and potentially lethal.

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