Auto makers like Chrysler and General Motors have been making cutbacks in a method to keep their businesses afloat.  Until now, motorcycle companies have not been making the same cutbacks, but layoffs at a large motorcycle maker can cause motorcycle accidents in the future.

Our firm’ motorcycle accident attorneys are concerned by the news of motorcycle company layoffs in the same way that we are concerned about the layoffs at auto makers (Chrysler, General Motors, etc.) because it is a move that can lead to design defects in an automobile that can lead to car accidents.

Motorcycles lack the safety features that many cars have like airbags and crumple zones.  Motorcycle helmets can only prevent so much in a motorcycle accident.  Helmets can reduce the severity of traumatic motorcycle accident brain injuries like concussions or subdural hematomas, even wrongful death motorcycle accidents

Cutbacks at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company can lead to extra checks not being done or done half-heartedly because an employee has been working a long shift and is disoriented.  The slightest mistake in production may lead to manufacturing design or manufacturing defects that can cause serious motorcycle accidents on the road leading to personal injury and wrongful death.

Harley said that credit losses from people who did not pay their bills rose to almost 3.5 percent – a rise from the 2.7 percent last year.  The company cited loan failures and low prices at wholesale auctions where the company sells the motorcycles it repossesses.  We wonder how many of these repossessed motorcycles are properly refurbished such as undergoing safety checks so that needless motorcycle accidents do not occur.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys hope the cutbacks will not have bad effects on production for a motor vehicle like a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Cutting back on quality should not be an alternative to save a few dollars here and there, because they are only going to eventually be used to help pay your medical bills.

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