Our motorcycle accident attorneys know riding a motorcycle has become a more inexpensive way for commuters to get where they need to go.  They are smaller and need less gas to fill their gas tanks.  Their lack of size makes riders vulnerable to more severe personal injury in motorcycle accidents.

The number of motorcycle accidents has risen in Orange County, California according to new information released.  The statistics were released as part of the California Highway Patrol’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month public awareness campaign to inform motorcyclists about motorcycle safety.

According to motorcycle accident statistics, there were 980 motorcycle accidents in Orange County in 2007 that led to 24 motorcycle accident wrongful deaths.  Those same statistics show that motorcycle accidents caused wrongful deaths in about 560 riders compared to just over 360 in 2003.

The most common cause of the motorcycle accidents in California are linked to speeding.  Accidents blamed on speeding resulted in over 3,600 motorcycle accidents.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers know the hazards of motorcycle riding because their lack of size and their high rate of speed has the potential to cause motorcycle accidents that can lead to serious personal injury or wrongful death.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is one way to prevent traumatic brain injuries like concussions and subdural hematomas.  Helmets can be purchased anywhere motorcycle accessories are sold and are also available online at websites like Amazon.com.

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