Our 10-part blog series on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Motorcycle Skill Test Practice Guide is nearing its conclusion.  For the past several days, our motorcycle accident attorneys have discussed turning.  Today’s practice exercise will cover swerving to avoid obstacles.

Exercise Eight: Swerving to Avoid Obstacles on Your Motorcycle

This practice exercise is designed to teach you how to swerve to avoid a potential obstacle in the road.  It’s a good lesson to learn as it could help you prevent a motorcycle crash with a stopped car, pedestrian or animal crossing the road.

Practice Exercise Directions

Give yourself a 100-foot head-start so that you’re going 10-15 mph at the first pair of markers.  When your front tires pass the first markers, swerve to either the right or left to avoid the imaginary obstacle.  Make sure that you decide which direction you want to go in before starting this exercise (otherwise you might wreck your motorcycle).  Also, don’t stop or apply the brakes while performing a swerve.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Tips

  • To swerve right, press right until you cleared the markers.  Once you’ve cleared the markers, press left to resume straight ahead.
  • Keep your head and eyes up and tuck you knees in against the tank.
  • Press on the handlebars in the direction you want to go.

Common Problem & Recommended Correction

If you are unable to properly complete this swerving exercise, try to maintain your speed through the turn.  Keep the same pressure on the handlebars until you’ve cleared the marker, and then press on the opposite hand-grip to straighten your motorcycle.

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