Our motorcycle accident attorneys are halfway through our ten-part blog series on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Motorcycle Skill Test Practice Guide.  Yesterday, we talked about executing basic turns, so today you’ll learn how to practice normal turns.

Exercise Five: Making Normal Turns on a Motorcycle

This practice exercise will help you refine your turning skills on a motorcycle.  Successfully executing turns on a motorcycle is obviously important if you don’t want wreck your motorcycle, because making a turn on a bike is much different than a passenger car.

Exercise Directions

Start out facing marker one at a distance (as in the diagram to the right) in which you can accelerate to 15-20 mph.  When you reach point “A”, slow down by applying pressure to both brakes.  Begin turning at marker one while look towards your exit point and gently roll the throttle throughout your turn.  Roll on past marker three and stop after marker four.  Be sure to practice turning in both directions.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Tips

  • Slow down before turning by using both brakes before marker one.
  • Look through your turn to the exit.
  • Lean with the motorcycle.
  • Gradually increase your speed throughout the turn past marker three.

Common Problems & Recommended Corrections

  1. Should you find yourself swinging wide in your turns then slow down your motorcycle before entering the turn.  Make sure that you’re looking to your exit point and pressing more on the inside handlebar.
  2. If you’re cutting corners too closely or turning too sharply, remember to keep your head and eyes up.  Try not to look down, instead look to your exit point and press less on the inside handlebar.
  3. For slowing and straightening up during turns, keep a smooth, steady throttle or slightly increase your throttle to stabilize your motorcycle.

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