Yesterday, our motorcycle accident lawyer blog introduced a new blog series — called the Motorcycle License Test Practice Guide — where we set up a practice routine to prepare for the motorcycle license test designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

Today, in part two of the series, we will begin with training exercise number one.

Exercise One: Normal Stop in a Straight Line

This first training exercise will help you learn to stop your motorcycle smoothly at stop signs and red lights.  This is an extremely important skill to master.  Like learning to land a plane, coming to a complete stop on your motorcycle helps you safely end your ride.  Imagine the injury possibilities if you were unable to safely brake your motorcycle and ran a red light or missed a stop sign?

Practice Directions

Begin by driving straight, accelerating to 15-20 mph on your motorcycle and shift into second gear.  Start slowing down and downshift at your first marker and attempt to come to an easy stop with your front tire next to the last marker.

Coaching Tips from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

  • Keep your head and eyes up.
  • Drive your motorcycle straight.
  • Gradually apply both your front and back brakes, squeeze the clutch and downshift to first gear.  It is very important to keep the clutch squeezed during this process.
  • Don’t release either brakes until your motorcycle comes to a complete stop.
  • When you come to a complete stop, put your left foot down to the ground first.

Common Problems & Suggested Corrections

  1. If your rear tire skids, apply less pressure on your rear brake.
  2. If you’re overshooting the markers, begin slowing and braking sooner or try adding some more pressure on the brakes.
  3. If you feel unstable when you stop, remember to keep your head and eyes up and delay braking until absolutely necessary (just be careful not to overshoot your markers).

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