Our firm’s motorcycle accident attorneys are encouraged that studies show that motorcyclists wearing protective gear could expect more than a 30% reduction in injuries.  But, there is much more that can be done to lessen the personal injuries from a motorcycle accident.

The five essential pieces of safety gear that are necessary when riding a motorcycle:

1.  Helmet
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, unhelmeted motorists are 29% less likely to survive a crash and 40% more likely to die from a head injury in a motorcycle accident.  Helmets are also 69% effective in preventing brain injuries.

The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at our firm believe a consumer should make sure their helmet is has a D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) sticker on the back of the helmet.  This ensures that your helmet meets the safety regulations imposed by the United States Department of Transportation.

Also, we understand the main feature of D.O.T. certified helmets is the expanded polystyrene foam liner.  However, this material is designed to survive only one hit, so helmets should be always be replaced, even after a minor motorcycle accident.

2.  Jacket
The head, arms, and legs are most often injured in a motorcycle crash.  Therefore, a good jacket that is made of either nylon, leather, or Kevlar is recommended when riding a motorcycle.  Jackets should include heavy padding on the elbows, spine, and shoulders.  Also, most motorcycle jackets for sale now have reflective stripes, in order to provide more visibility of the driver, especially at night, to prevent a car accident involving a motorcycle.

3.  Pants
Some motorcycle drivers prefer to wear jeans when riding; however, the problem with jeans is that they tend to easily tear in the event of a motorcycle accident, and provide little support and padding to the rider (for example, should the motorcycle driver be knocked to the ground in a motorcycle accident, the driver’s skin might be easily stripped off!).  Therefore, it is important to wear riding pants made out of leather, nylon, or Kevlar, in order to ensure the greatest amount of safety should their be a motorcycle accident.

4.  Gloves
Gloves are another important safety feature to lessen injuries from a motorcycle accident which should be worn by all riders.  Gloves should be worn regardless of weather conditions as well.  Usually, motorcycle gloves tend to be made out of leather or Kevlar.  Many of these gloves designed specifically for motorcyclists include reflectors and extra padding on the wrists as well.

5.  Boots
Boots are probably the second most important safety feature after helmets.  As motorcycle accident attorneys, we believe that good motorcycle riding boots should have a short heel (so that they fit on the motorcycle pegs as well as provide good ankle support).  Also, boots should be at least 6” tall, and generally, no more than 17” tall.  Tennis shoes or soft boots are generally not considered to be proper safety gear when riding a motorcycle because they tend to provide less support and can easily tear in the event of a motorcycle accident or car accident.

Hopefully, with these items, you can limit your medical treatment necessities if you should find yourself the injured person in a motocycle accident.

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