A man suspected of drunk driving DUI tried to escape from police officers, and his DUI caused a car crash that resulted in wrongful death.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers are pleased this individual will be booked on charges including manslaughter, hit and run, driving under the influence of alcohol and evading arrest.  The responsibility cannot fall completely on Romero, however.  Anyone that could have prevented this car accident from happening should feel equally at fault.

A California Highway Patrol officer saw a 23-year-old man speeding on Interstate 15 in a Ford sport-utility vehicle and pulled him over at Rainbow Valley Boulevard just after 7 p.m. The man, who did not have a license, stopped for a second then sped away when the officer asked for ID.

So, not only was this man driving without a license, but the possibility he was driving drunk could have been present.  The fact that the man was on the road shows a clear lack of judgment to not only him but to anyone that could have prevented him from getting on the road before causing this car accident.

This same driver sped away driving about 100 mph while weaving in and out of lanes.  He exited at Route 76 and then ran a red light at an intersection before crossing double yellow lines and getting into a head-on car accident with a Toyota pick-up truck.  The driver of the pick-up truck was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The man’s SUV then crashed into another Ford pick-up truck, rolled several times off an edge and stopped in a ditch.  He tried to escape from police on one leg after the car crash but fell to the ground shortly after.

Our firm’s dedicated car accident lawyers in San Diego know that drunk-drivers cause too many car accidents and wrongful deaths on the road each year.  While anyone caught DUI deserves to be punished, maybe we — as a society — need to begin thinking of new ways to stop DUI car accidents.

To help get you information about what could potentially happen if you drive drunk as well as get you links and information about getting help with a drinking problem, our car accident attorneys have a helpful DUI prevention resource page that has links to organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous.

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