If you have an older car, did you know you can acquire after-market safety kits to help decrease your chances of serious injury on the road? You should never assume that you cannot make your car any safer, because even older vehicles can benefit from an upgrade. Since the vast majority of vehicle accidents are caused by human error, you need everything you can to help prevent crashes in the first place, and an after-market safety kit can help you get there. 

Many new vehicles on the market have safety features that are designed to correct mistakes or alerting a driver to obstacles and hazards on the road. As autonomous driving becomes a reality in the coming years, many of the features involved in these technological upgrades involve detecting surrounding objects or helping to keep the car in its own lane. This can ultimately help cut down on the number of vehicle accidents caused by human error. However, many older vehicles will not have these lifesaving features, but some companies are producing after-market car safety kits.

There are things you can add to your vehicle in order to make it safer to drive and to alert you to challenges just as with the technology installed on new vehicles. Blind spot, lane departure warning, back up cameras and forward collision detection are features that can be installed on many older vehicles.

These after-market car safety kits typically do not provide assisted braking, however, since studies indicate that nearly 90% of rear end collisions could be avoided completely with one and half seconds of advanced notice, some of these other after-market technologies installed in your vehicle could have a major benefit towards saving your life and reducing injuries. If you have already been involved in a serious vehicle accident in San Diego or elsewhere around California, consulting with an experienced injury attorney today can help you.