Your rights as a pedestrian are categorized in the California Motor Vehicle Code. Many of the pedestrian laws in different states are very similar. The most common laws regarding pedestrian rights include the right of lane crosswalks, the rights on public roads and highways and rights on public and private sidewalks. Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents have to do with motorists who:

Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents have to do with motorists who:

  •       Failure to obey the posted speed limited.
  •       Failure to yield to a pedestrian.
  •       Are intoxicated.
  •       Are distracted.

Certain accidents may be caused by a pedestrian, such as situations in which;

  •       The pedestrian is intoxicated.
  •       The pedestrian is not walking on the sidewalk.
  •       The pedestrian is walking along a high-speed thoroughfare where it is not safe to be located.
  •       The pedestrian is walking outside of crosswalk markings.
  •       The pedestrian is ignoring a traffic signal or jaywalking.

Some of the most common injuries associated with these types of vehicle accidents could be prevented if drivers are aware of pedestrian rights and do everything possible to avoid them. Anytime that you are on foot, ensure that you are proceeding cautiously and avoiding the potential for injury. Being struck in a pedestrian accident has the potential to alter your life significantly. You may never be able to fully recover from any accident without the help of an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer working at your side.

If the driver is breaking the law and not paying attention or speeding through a red light, this is a violation of pedestrian rights if the person on foot is walking through the intersection at that time. In a hit and run accident, the stakes are even higher: a motorist could be assessed with criminal charges, too.

A pedestrian also has the right to pursue a personal injury claim if a driver’s negligence causes an accident in which the pedestrian is severely injured. Whether it’s broken bones or a life-changing traumatic brain injury, the pedestrian has the right to find an attorney committed to protecting his or her rights.