Many people have had a personal interaction with a car accident in one form or another. Whether you have had to survive a car accident on your own or known someone who was seriously injured, you probably already have a basic idea of some of the most common types of car accidents.

The main causes behind negligence car accidents are mostly preventable. This has led to the push for autonomous vehicles to come onto the road sooner rather than later because it is believed the human error is the leading cause of vehicle accidents not just in California but across the country.

Because of these disturbing behaviors, the main causes of negligence car accidents should be well known by everyone who drives on the road because this can help everyone commit to better safety behind the wheel. Car accident causes can be prevented when everyone provides the same duty of care they would give to themselves to motorcyclists, pedestrians, bicyclists and other passengers and drivers. The main causes of negligence car accidents include:

  •               Distracted driving
  •               Drunk driving
  •               Fatigued driving
  •               Aggressive driving
  •               Reckless driving

Someone who is not paying attention or who is engaged in dangerous behavior behind the wheel exposes everyone else on the road to these significant risks. If you have already been hurt in an accident caused by another person’s behavior, schedule a consultation with a lawyer today.