The Nestle plant at the center of a federal probe into an E. coli outbreak involving a cookie dough products liability refused to give inspectors access to pest-control records, environmental-testing programs and other information.

Our San Diego firm’s personal injury attorneys believe that if a loved one or you suffer a personal injury due to a products liability such as cookie dough, the maker of that product should be held accountable for any pain and suffering you endure.  We confront cases frequently when companies fail to manufacture products that are safe to use by consumers.

The E. coli outbreak in 29 states sickened at least 69 people, including 34 who ended up in the hospital.  Most of those sickened were teenage or preteen girls, and no deaths have been reported.  The E. coli strain can cause personal injury such as bloody diarrhea, dehydration and even wrongful death among people with weak immune systems.

Suppose a loved one or you suffered a personal injury such as food poisoning or dehydration as a result of consuming a food product. Would you not want the maker of the food to be held responsible for their product that resulted in your pain and suffering?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer from our San Diego firm in the event of catastrophic injury as a result of unsafe products can help you receive a settlement that can help pay for any medical bills related to the products.  Information is vital when defective products can lead to personal injury or wrongful death.  We want everyone to feel safe in the products they use and not at risk for pain and suffering because a product liability slipped through the cracks.

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