The New York State Liquor Authority have approved a new 192-proof alcohol that may lead to drunk driving due to its powerful and intoxicating ingredients writes the New York Daily News.

Our San Diego car accident lawyers know that manufacturers are always trying to sell the next best thing.  We hope the people consuming 192-proof liquor are responsible enough not to drink and drive, because it is one of the top cause of car accidents that claim lives every year. 

New York State Liquor Board approves 192-proof alcohol that may lead to drunk driving.

On June 17, 2010, the New York State Liquor Authority approved four new alcohols — including Spirytus Rektyfikowany and Baks Spirytus — that are an astonishing 192-proof.  That means these liquors are 96 percent alcohol and are believed to be the strongest drinks available in the state.  Most consumers agree that the new beverages are quite stiff.

“It’s incredibly sharp.  It takes your breath away,” said 22-year-old Brooklyn student.  “It’s like getting punched in the solar plexus.”

One shopkeeper, said nine out of ten people won’t touch the 192-proof bottles, and another, Eli Eber of Eber’s Liquor and Wine in Brooklyn claims that he sells eight to 12 bottles a week of the 192-proof alcohol.  A regular sized bottle (750 ML) sells for about $22.

But some politicians aren’t too keen on the idea of liquor that is more than twice the proof of regular alcohol because of the obvious problems like drunk driving that would likely happen.

“This sounds like it has tremendous potential for doing a lot of harm to people,” said state Senator Frank Padavan.  “It sounds like moonshine.”

The approval of the 192-proof alcohol comes a couple years after the same State Liquor Authority declined legality to the grain alcohol known as “Everclear”, which comes in either 151-proof or 190-proof.

Regardless of what you drink, make sure you do it responsibly.  Before you start your evening, take all of the preventative measures to avoid driving under the influence: call a taxi, call a friend or make arrangements to sleep with a friend.  Thousands of wrongful deaths occur every year due to intoxicated drivers.

How much more proof do you need than that?

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