The gas guzzlers that have changed the environment and the hybrid cars that do not hit the bulls eye quite yet have a reason to make room on the roadways for the next step that arrives in 2011.

Tesla Motors revealed its all-electric sedan automobile named the Model S in Los Angeles.  The car will travel 300 miles on one battery charge, and the battery can be charged in 45 minutes.  The car can fit five adults and two children in rear-facing seats in the trunk.

Cars like these definitely have their place in today’s society because there has been a calling for electric automobiles for a few years.  Our firm’s car accident attorneys know product liability issues from new technology can lead to potentially dangerous accident on busy streets, such as design defects in the car.

Do not expect a friendly price tag, though.  Even after federal tax credits, the cost of the Model S still has a price tag of around $35,000.  The select elite that get behind this new wave of fossil fuel-less cars entertain the notion that they will be the test subjects of new innovation.

Before the Model S starts to fly off the assembly lines, though, the company needs to receive one of two government loans.  One, a $250 million loan, would come from Congress authorized in 2005 for clean energy projects.  The second loan of $450 million would come from $25 billion Congress authorized in 2007 for electric vehicle technologies.

“We are highly confident that Tesla will be selected, and it will occur this year,” said Tesla’s chief executive.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys do believe that the electric car is where the future of automobiles, but it is important to make sure companies get everything they need to make energy efficient cars that are also compliant with all safety requirements in the United States.  Extra care made now will lead to these cars being made effectively and preventing car accidents that result in injury or wrongful death.

Finally, the United States government has a big stake in safe cars as if members of the public are injured in car accidents who often provides financial or other assistance to pay medical bills?  Medicare (federal insurance), Medi-Cal (California insurance), County Medical Insurance, and many other government agencies will be liable to foot those bills for accident damages.

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