We all know that biking is a good thing.  It is good for your body and the environment, but bike riding is also a fun way to get around town.

A wheel has been designed by the Senseable City Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that stores kinetic energy created when a cyclist brakes.  That energy is kept with the wheel and can be utilized later when the cyclist needs an extra jolt.

New bike wheel being developed by MIT to save energy (Source: The New York Times)

“Biking can become even more effective than what it was,” said the laboratory’s director.  The director states that what the researchers and engineers are looking to do is produce is “Bike 2.0”

Our bicycle accident attorneys feel that this type of technological advancement could help prevent bike crashes.  With an extra boost of speed possibly available at a moment’s notice, riders will have a little help to avoid an automobile accident.

They are not the only one trying to improve on the wheel — Michelin Tires Company has been working on a prototype for a car wheel that does not require air, hopefully lowering the amount of tire blowouts that happen on the road.

But with these new improvements, what new problems are presented?  The answer to that question is unknown at this time.

The bicycle accident attorneys at our law offices feel that everyone should research the type of tires that they have on their vehicle, whether it be two-wheeled or four-wheeled.  After all, these products should keep you safe as you travel on the road.

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