New legislation has the potential to put newer cars on roads and highways.  The new cars would be more fuel-efficient, but they would also have newer parts and may not cause as many car accidents.

The new legislation mimics a program used in Europe called “Cash for Clunkers.”  Consumers would get vouchers for as much as $4,500 from the government to trade older gas-guzzling cars for newer fuel-efficient vehicles.  The newer cars would cut fuel emissions and put more cars on roads with new safety features that prevent personal injury in car accidents better than older cars.

Our car accident attorneys support any new laws or legislation that makes roads safer for drivers everywhere.  Safer cars on the road result in fewer car accidents or wrongful deaths.

Would it not be worth it to have a new car for yourself or your family?  These newer cars can get you from point A to point B using the least amount of fuel, and they also have the newest safety features to avoid severe personal injuries in car accidents.

The cash-for-clunkers plan would run for a year and offer the vouchers to people who trade in vehicles with an average city/highway fuel economy of less than 18 miles a gallon to buy a more-efficient new car or light truck.

The voucher would serve as a good down payment for a new fuel-efficient vehicle, and with auto sales falling, this program could be a way for the auto industry to recover some of the losses it has sustained in the last year.

Our car accident attorneys think that the new plans by the government could increase the possibility of newer fuel-efficient vehicles on roads and highways.  Not only would Americans be willing to travel in their cars more frequently, but these new cars have the newest safety features to keep themselves and their families safer.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, old or new, make sure that you are covered by the best car insurance policy that you can afford.

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